Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday's visit to Wensli Silk

After enjoying lunch in the cafeteria at Zhejiang University, the group departed for Wensli, one of the few manufacturing industries that remains within the city of Hangzhou. The company, which produces silk, granted our students access to an old screening assembly line where silk cloth was imprinted with deep colored dyes.

The Kelley students took a group photo with the Zhejiang students in front of the primary Wensli building, and then all got to watch the image be imprinted on a piece of silk. At the end of visit the Wensli representatives graciously presented us the image of silk in a nice white frame.

The group also got to tour the company's apparel museum and visit the gift shop. Both included exquisite scarves, neck ties, bedding, jackets, and other housewares and clothing.

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